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Your generous contributions support the foundation’s distinctive interdisciplinary residencies, research, education programmes and public events.

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As a registered UK charity there are many ways to give to the Yinka Shonibare Foundation on behalf of G.A.S. We rely on contributions from public and private funders, individuals, supporters and partners to develop our programmes. Whatever you are able to give, thank you.


Developed in dialogue with the trustees and leadership team partnerships offer an opportunity to collaborate on and shape a short or long-term project / programme reflecting that partners area of interest. These could include sponsoring a residency or research project, collaborating on an exchange, education activities, mentoring, talks and workshop programmes or events.


Every penny that you donate goes directly to the foundation’s programmes. We welcome donations from individuals and organisations who live outside the UK and would like to support the work of G.A.S.

Donations from UK

If eligible, you can sign up for Gift Aid to allow us to reclaim 25p in every £1 donated, at no extra cost to you.

Donations from USA

US based donors and partners can tax efficiently support our activities through our donor advised funds. Please contact us below to discuss different ways of making a donation.

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Belinda Holden our Managing Director can answer any questions about how you can support or get involved with the work of the Foundation, please do get in touch.

Yinka Shonibare CBE and Tangle Theatre


Yinka Shonibare’s inspiration behind the new foundation is the need to:

  • break down traditional barriers of privilege, wealth, lack of infrastructure and limited opportunities
  • create spaces and opportunities for international cultural exchange and cross fertilisation
  • promote mutual understanding of cultural differences.

Residency Performance Rehearsal


Our motivation is to support creatives and practitioners in the fields of contemporary art, design, architecture, agriculture, ecology and curatorial practice with the space to research, experiment, share and develop work.

Our objective is to establish critical centres of research and experimentation in Nigeria, with residencies in Lagos and in rural Ijebu, serving as opportunities to network locally and internationally with organisations, education providers, fellow practitioners, curators and researchers.

Artists Dinner


The Foundation will host cultural exchanges where established and emergent artists, curators and researchers from Africa and across the world inhabit the residency spaces, working alongside each other for up to three months.

The Foundation believes that by engaging in local and international multi-disciplinary dialogue, new critical theories and visual languages can emerge, fostering growing respect, knowledge and debate.