Stockholm School of Economics Residencies

Stockholm School of Economics, SSE, is partnering with Yinka Shonibare and G.A.S. Foundation to grant a thesis scholarhip to students studying to gain thier Masters in Economics through the Yinka Shonibare Thesis Scholarship, which was launched in cooperation with Art Initiative and Misum, Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets. The scholarship gives SSE students the opportunity to do a field study on-site in Nigeria within the context of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Miranda Hagborg & Alexei Moore

Sweden | May 2023


G.A.S. Foundation's debut SSE residents, Alexei and Miranda are thesis research partners in the Master in Finance programme and recipients of the inaugural Yinka Shonibare Thesis Scholarship. Alexei has previously studied a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney, specialising in Finance, Economics, International Relations and Accounting. Miranda has studied for a Bachelor of Business Administration at Stockholm University and a Bachelor of Real Estate and Finance at the Royal Institute of Technology. She has professional experience in investment banking and private equity.

Their research is centred around the role of private capital markets in Sub-Saharan Africa and its relationship to the SDGs.


Victor Svensson & Eric Oetterli

Sweden | January 2023

Victor Svensson and Eric Oetterli are final year Bachelors students of Retail Management at Stockholm School of Economics, where they are both recipients of the Yinka Shonibare Thesis Scholarship at the Stockholm School of Economics. Their research explores the role of cryptocurrency adoption in Nigeria, considering the unique socio-cultural context of the country. Focusing on understanding the implications for the retail industry, economic growth, and financial inclusion


Victor, 23, and Eric, 22, are both passionate about financial inclusion, and each have experience working with various Swedish financial institutions.


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