Urban Landscapes Meet Rural Roots: Gareth Nyandoro's Lagos & Ijebu Residency

Urban Landscapes Meet Rural Roots: Gareth Nyandoro's Lagos & Ijebu Residency

Renowned artist Gareth Nyandoro, hailing from Zimbabwe, embarks on a two-phased residency at G.A.S. Foundation's Lagos and Ijebu centres. With a profound love for exploring the urban tapestry and human interactions, Gareth's creative practice delves into the vibrant landscapes of cities and their inhabitants. His expertise in trade, commerce, and marketplace dynamics has paved the way for unique artistic expressions, merging abstraction with the intricate details of human figures.

During his residency, Gareth is poised to immerse himself in Lagos' bustling urban spaces and the serene landscapes of the G.A.S farm. Inspired by the similarities between Lagos and his hometown, Harare, Gareth aims to explore sustainable food practices, a theme deeply intertwined with his artistic endeavors. He plans to engage with the local community, sharing traditional art techniques and sustainable food-making methods. His ambition extends beyond personal growth; Gareth envisions fostering connections with fellow artists and organizations, contributing to the cultural life of both Lagos and Ikise.

This residency is generously supported by Tiwani Contemporary.


Copyright Gareth Nyandoro.


What is the current focus of your creative practice? 
The daily landscape of the city and its inhabitants has always fascinated me. I try to reflect on these surroundings in paintings, installations as well and performances.

Gareth Nyandoro, 'Sofa Constructions', 2022. Ink on canvas, 226 x 324cm (89 x 127 1/2in). Copyright Gareth Nyandoro. Courtesy the artist and Stephen Friedman Gallery. Photo by Todd - White Art Photography.


What drew you to apply for this residency and how do you think it will inform your wider practice? 
As an artist working with Tiwani Contemporary for over five years, I was invited to do a residency with the prestigious G.A.S. Foundation, This has been a great opportunity for me to be in a residency locally (Africa) away from my usual studio.


Shredded paper for Kucheka Cheka, Copyright Gareth Nyandoro.


Can you give us an insight into how you hope to use the opportunity?
I hope to engage with the local community by exchanging ideas, traditional art techniques, and sustainable food making. The residency provides me with a local African platform in an entirely different environment. As he blends his expertise in printmaking and intricate cutting techniques, known as "Kucheka Cheka," Gareth aspires to craft a performance that uniquely incorporates the farm's surroundings, envisioning a village setting where animals become integral elements of his artistic expression.


About Gareth
Born in Zimbabwe, Nyandoro studied Fine Art at Harare Polytechnic in 2003, and Creative Arts and Design at the Chinhoyi University of Technology. In 2014 and 2015 He was a resident artist at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). He has been interested in trade, and commerce found in local marketplaces and the human interaction and behavior that would influence the ways in which people arrange their stalls, negotiate trade deals, and sell used goods typically associated with markets such as bicycles, shoes, and clothing rails. His work has also gained the abstraction of human figures. He trained as a printmaker, and has developed a technique that somehow follows the technique of etching which I call “Kucheka Cheka” which in my native language, Shona, means ‘to cut’. It involves using sharp blades to cut shapes and figures into paper, which is then sponged over with ink, prior to stripping the surface layer of paper with tape.




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