Nate Agbetu Begins a Homecoming Residency at G.A.S. Lagos

Nate Agbetu Begins a Homecoming Residency at G.A.S. Lagos

This week, G.A.S. Foundation welcomes Nate Agbetu, a UK-based curator, strategist and educator, who arrived at G.A.S. Lagos on 24th March. His residency serves to establish preliminary connections across the culture sector in Lagos whilst working on the launch of his new studio. During his time in the city, he plans to explore creative spaces and connect with local cultural practitioners to learn more about his home and producers working across the diaspora. Nate hopes to expand his network and understanding of Nigeria's arts and culture ecosystem while developing his next project, Public Powers.


This will be Nate's first time visiting Nigeria, and he is excited to build strong and lasting connections with Lagos while immersing himself in the richness of his heritage.

What is the current focus of your creative practice?
I’m exploring world-building as a source of transformation in society, with the intention of using ritual design and placemaking to develop solutions rooted in cultural programming. I think that art has a massive role in communicating our truths, so I’m in search of creative and cultural practitioners addressing themes of social innovation through their work. My practice as a whole has been fairly multi-hyphenated, I lecture, produce special projects, and develop creative and cultural strategies to highlight emergent thinking.


Still from Design Museum Commission The New Rave. Photographer: Jaime Ackroyd


What drew you to apply for this residency, and how will it inform your wider practice?
I first came across the Foundation through my friend Seyi Adelekun who was on a residency here last year. Since following on Instagram, I’ve seen a level of support for emerging artists and platforming of counterculture that really resonated with me.

This is my first time travelling home to Nigeria, so I’m looking to use this time to understand the cultural landscape and connect with people at the forefront of arts and cultural movements across Lagos. I’m also currently in the development phase of a spatial transformation project, so I’m hoping to be inspired by the practices of my peers across the diaspora.


Gaia's Garden Breath Work Session. Photographer: Nate Agbetu.

Can you give us an insight into how you hope to use the opportunity?
As it’s my first time coming home, I’m hoping to build strong and sustainable ties to Lagos, whether by meeting my grandma for the first time or finding like-minded curators and emergent thinkers to collaborate with. I want this to be the first of many trips, so I’m going to take it slow and take in the richness of our heritage.


Gaia's Garden build day.  Photographer: Francis Augusto.



Nate is a Cultural Curator and Educator who highlights emergent thinking through research, art and speculative design. Their practice exists in the liminal space between culture and social innovation, manifesting in the form of everything from community gardens to films, lectures and arts programming - imagining new futures through creativity and knowledge exchange.

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