Introducing Moni Aisida, Executive Director at G.A.S. Foundation

Introducing Moni Aisida, Executive Director at G.A.S. Foundation

We are thrilled to announce Moni Aisida as the incoming Executive Director of the G.A.S. Foundation. With an impressive background spanning over 8 years in the art industry, Moni brings a wealth of experience to our organization. Her professional journey has been characterized by diverse experiences across various sectors including healthcare and fin-tech. Her multifaceted expertise uniquely positions her to drive innovation and growth within the art community. Notably, Moni has been pivotal in cultivating partnerships and facilitating capacity-building initiatives, particularly her support of emerging artists.


Under Moni's leadership, G.A.S. Foundation will continue to work in close collaboration with its esteemed board of trustees, and with its sister organization, Yinka Shonibare Foundation in the UK, further enhancing our collective impact and reach within the global art landscape.


Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Moni Aisida as she takes on this pivotal role, steering the G.A.S. Foundation towards new heights of success and impact. We look forward to the exciting journey ahead under her guidance.


Can you share a brief introduction about yourself and key areas of interest within G.A.S.?

Hi, I'm Moni Aisida, the newly appointed ED of G.A.S. Foundation. I have had 8 years of experience in the art industry, specifically within the gallery structure in Nigeria, having worked to expand the cultural impact of Nigerian and African art and leading with an artist-first approach of development. Before getting into the art industry, I worked briefly in the mental health and fin-tech industries and have carried some of the expertise and skills learned along with me. 

One of the first things that piqued my interest about G.A.S. was the announcement of the Picton Archive donation. I thought it was extraordinary and I continued to follow every update and development that was shared with the public. Now that I am a part of the team, it is one of my main areas of interest because the wider potential and impact is truly remarkable when we examine the effects of cultural preservation, archiving and knowledge sharing. Also of interest to me is the dynamic programming that G.A.S. and its calibre of exciting residents offer and how it is integrated into the local art community.


What motivated you to join G.A.S., and what aspects of our mission and values resonate with you the most?

My motivation to join G.A.S. was purely instinctual. When I noticed the work and impact they were having and within such a short period, it was an easy decision to want to be a part of that; to be a part of a team doing the work in aiding the expansion and exchange of knowledge and education.

There's a quote from the founder, Yinka Shonibare CBE RA which I'll paraphrase, where he talks about the importance of international exchange in the acquisition of knowledge and providing long-term support for artists so they can thrive and not just survive, which is in line with my artist-first approach and belief. I am also quite keen on the range of residents with diverse interests, research and disciplines that participate in the residency programme at G.A.S., encouraging critical thought and practices in the areas of contemporary art, design, architecture, agriculture, ecology and more. The final thing I'll touch on is collaboration, something else that I hold of value. G.A.S. is cultivating an amazing network, both locally and internationally, of like-minded individuals and organizations that are invested in artist development and social change.


What are you most looking forward to in your new role at G.A.S. Foundation?

"I am eager to tap into the sense of ownership and pride that so many have invested into G.A.S. already, and to ensure that faith remains untested. G.A.S. Foundation has within a relatively short time set a standard that I intend to maintain. I am committed to continuing to pursue our shared vision of expansion, collaboration, and creating opportunities for the artistic community through creativity, innovation, and passion. The ethos of cross-cultural exchange and education that is integral to our programming must continue to evolve with the unwavering support of our community and stakeholders."



About Moni

Aisida is a natural observer who channels her genuine interest in human behaviour into every aspect of life including art. Always willing to delve into new experiences, she entered the art scene in 2016 after working in various industries including healthcare and fin-tech. With over 8 years in the art industry, combines a keen interest in human behaviour, cultural analysis, storytelling and art by finding an outlet for her creative expressions in the fast-paced Lagos art world. A true advocate for artists, she has been instrumental in fostering partnerships within the art community, expanding her gallery's reach globally, and spearheading growth strategies for sustainable success.


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