Event: Playful Preservation

Event: Playful Preservation

An Afro-Brazilian heritage symposium and workshop

Remi Kuforiji, an architect, spatial practitioner, and researcher in residence at G.A.S. Lagos, invited members of the creative community to apply to attend Playful Preservation, a free workshop on 4th April 2024 at G.A.S. Lagos, to collaboratively propose alternative ways of preserving Afro-Brazilian history and culture in Lagos.



This opportunity was open to diverse practitioners, including artists, architects, artisans, performers, and other makers and thinkers interested in the subject matter. Participants were involved in a symposium discussing issues around preserving the unique urban fabric of the Afro-Brazilian community on Lagos Island. In response to this discussion, participants proposed alternative realities through collaging, drawing, and experimenting on top of archival and current photographs of Afro-Brazilian architecture in Lagos.



Finally, the participants played a prototype of Anti-Monopoly: Brazilian Quarters - a board game devised by G.A.S. resident Remi Kuforiji where players win by preserving the most Afro-Brazilian buildings in Lagos Island. Instead of developing land, you restore buildings; instead of paying rent, you pay visiting fees; instead of going bankrupt, you run out of the preservation budget. Through this playful process of world-building, participants interrogate issues of preserving the cultural memory of the relationship between Lagos and Brazil.














Event Details
: Playful Preservation
Apply by: 2nd April 2024
Event date: 4th April 2024
Time: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm 
Venue: G.A.S. Foundation, 9b, Hakeem Dickson Drive, off TF Kuboye Road, Oniru, Lagos.



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