Event: METAmorphosis in Bariga

Event: METAmorphosis in Bariga

To conclude a collaboration with Peter Abayomi of Eran Jije Project initiated on arrival in Lagos, Katesi Kalange returned to Bariga to share the outputs of her residency with the local residents some of whom had been instrumental in helping her shape her residency project. Shortly after arriving in the city, Katesi conducted a community cleaning drive in the Isale-Akoka area of Bariga that was followed by in-depth material research, experimentation, and collaboration with artisans and recycling organisations in Lagos and beyond.


A key artisan collaborator was Ato Arinze whose pottery community, based in Ayobo, worked with Katesi to collaboratively develop a series of moulds and subsequently tiles incorporating the waste collected during the cleaning drive. Aside from being functional, they bore intricate motifs and presented exciting possibilities for converging waste upcycling with traditional sculpture.



During the final week of her residency, Katesi brought the Bariga community together for a workshop to share her techniques and processes. During this session, she presented an installation of her upcycled floor tile prototypes. The site for the installation was significant because it took place near a landfill, a critical site for the community, where many make a living by sorting waste for recycling companies.



The mass fabrication of the tiles proved to be one of the biggest hurdles of the residency. To navigate these challenges safely, she formed partnerships with two key organisations:

Wecyclers: A for-profit social enterprise that facilitates recycling services in densely populated urban areas. They supported Katesi by providing advice, time, and access to their recycling facilities.

BASF West Africa: A company known for its chemical engineering solutions aimed at promoting sustainability. BASF supported Katesi by providing the machinery and production space necessary for creating the tiles.

These collaborations were crucial in overcoming the technical and safety challenges of producing the upcycled tiles and both organisations supported her work generously.









Katesi Jacqueline Kalange is a process-focused visual artist from Uganda. A master’s degree holder in Art and Industrial Design from Kyambogo University, Kalange's work weaves together sculpture, architecture, research, installation and performance art. Drawing from African indigenous wisdom, she is fascinated by its historical role in nurturing harmonious coexistence among humans and other beings within shared ecosystems.

Her work has been shown in exhibitions such as Kla Art Festival (2021) in Uganda, Pink Flame exhibition at the village market, Kenya (2022), Silent Invasions, Amasaka Gallery, Uganda (2023) amongst others. She received the Prince Claus Mentorship Award (2021), and emerged as the second alternate in the inaugural El Anatsui Fellowship (2023), and was a participant in the inaugural Venice Architecture Biennale College 2023. She was a recipient of the Tilga Art Fund in 2023, and undertook a residency at G.A.S. Foundation as a result of the award.


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