CCA in Residence at G.A.S.


G.A.S. is hosting an organisational residency in partnership with the Center for Contemporary Art, Lagos (CCA) throughout the month of May. Over four weeks CCA will programme a series of themed events, workshops and salons within the G.A.S. Lagos building whilst three invited international artists are hosted in the resident quarters.

The collaboration highlights our joint commitment to cross-organisational partnerships within Nigeria’s arts ecosystem and will allow for the sharing of resources and expertise whilst fostering impactful experiences, vital dialogues and increased opportunities that aim to foreground the local community.

Conference: Strengthening Multi-sector Partnerships for Art, Health and Wellbeing in Nigeria 
11th May 2023. 9:00 am - 1:00pm

This conference formed part of the National Arts in Health Week in Nigeria and brought together artists, health professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders in Nigeria to discuss the role of art in promoting health and wellbeing. The live streamed event explored how partnerships between different sectors can lead to innovative approaches to healthcare delivery in Nigeria.

The day featured keynote speeches, live performances, and interactive workshops, and focused on integrating art and cultural activities into healthcare systems to promote mental and physical wellbeing.


Nested Residencies

Rosie Olang’ Odhiambo | Meri Linna | Alison Naturale|May 2023


CCA's takeover of G.A.S. Lagos has employed the space to host three mini residencies. The practitioners occupying the building include Nairobi-based curator, Rosie Olang’ of I Continue to Continue - a collective borne out of the 8th edition of the Asiko Art School in Cape Verde  Also in residence are Finnish artist and researcher, Meri Linna, and Alison Naturale, a Quebec-based multidisciplinary artist and printmaker.

These residencies come as part of a larger group in residence at CCA Lagos, consisting of Asiko alumni, and partners from Nordic Studios and the University of the Arts, Helsinki.


Workshop: I Hope Your Rambles have been Sweet, and your Reveries Spacious

20th May 2023

In conclusion of the second week of CCA Lagos' institutional residency at G.A.S. Lagos, we hosted I Hope Your Rambles Have Been Sweet, and Your Reveries Spacious, a 3-hour workshop facilitated by Rosie Olang’ (⅓ of the I Continue to Continue collective), on Saturday, the 20th of May for a letter-writing workshop reflecting on the themes of growth, grounding and transit as CCA Lagos continues to mark 15 years since its founding by the Late Bisi Silva in 2007.


Workshop: On Shyness

22nd - 28th May 2023

CCA Lagos and Uniarts Helsinki partnered to host a pedagogic co-creation workshop in Lagos, which aimed to explore how the Àsìkò Art School and the Nordic Studio pedagogies can inform the development of a new place-based, artistic research, workshop model.

The theme of the six-day test workshop was shyness. Participants, consisting of Àsìkò alumni from around the world, contribute their own cultural and personal perceptions of shyness and their understanding of the notion of a workshop. The insights and perspectives gathered during the workshop will ultimately articulate a model that can be implemented and developed in future programs.

The workshop is funded by the Finland Africa Platform for Innovation, a pilot project of the Finnish Ministry for Education and Culture.

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